Sucre vanillé maison : recette

Homemade vanilla sugar: recipe

Preparation of the recipe: 2 min + 10 days of rest
For: 1 kg of vanilla sugar

List of ingredients :
1 kg of powdered sugar (white sugar or brown sugar according to your preferences)
5 good quality vanilla pods

Preparing this homemade vanilla sugar recipe requires only 2 minutes, but then the mixture must be left to rest for about 10 days, or even 3 weeks for an even more pronounced flavor. The ingredients needed are 1 kg of powdered sugar (white or brown, depending on preference) and 5 quality vanilla pods.

To prepare the vanilla sugar, simply pour the sugar into a clean, dry jar, split the vanilla pods and extract the seeds to add them to the sugar. Close the jar and shake it from time to time to prevent the sugar from hardening and to soak up the flavor of the vanilla. You will have to be patient before you can use the homemade vanilla sugar, but the result is worth it.

For an even more intense flavor, it is possible to let the sugar and vanilla sit together for a longer period. When you need to use vanilla sugar, just scoop some out of the jar. Once you have used about 200g of vanilla sugar, add another 200g of sugar and a new vanilla bean to continue the process.

If you're using the seeds from a vanilla bean in a recipe, don't discard the remaining hollowed-out bean, but instead add it to the sugar to add more flavor. It is also possible to reuse the vanilla pods to prepare a vanilla extract.

By making your own homemade vanilla sugar, you'll never want to buy the big box one again!

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